Tiggerveli Jihad did it again!!!! “John Gotti” one of the hottest songs on his upcoming mixtape

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT”! Giving us the perfect interpretation on how spirituality is perceived in the urban community, throughout his lyrics,  as he identify the struggle in spiritual form! In this song he stated, “Dead man still in debt, its hereditary, nigga son pay the rest”! Providing a real life visual on the scrutiny that we face! The depth behind the lyrics, plus the message conveyed is transcending ! Not too many artists have the ability to implement spirituality into rap! Tune in to the butterfly effect now.

Follow: Tiggerveli Jihad https://instagram.com/tiggerveli_jihad

Follow: Tiggerveli Jihad https://twitter.com/tiggerveli

Download: The Butterfly Effect https://mymixtapez.com/album/163811

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